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Customer Testimonials

Sam: Mercedes B200 Turbo

I bought this car in Leeds a couple of years ago and ensured I took a long test drive before handing over the £5,000 asking price. However, by the time I got back home to Kent it was refusing to change gears, had  developed a strange high pitch wining noise from the rear and I could hear heavy rumbling  coming from the front over every tiny bump in the road.

As I had bought the car from a trader who was unwilling to help, I telephoned my local Mercedes main dealer to inquire about the gear changing problem I had developed on my drive home from Leeds, which I considered to be the most serious of my problems. Having described the problem they told me this was quite common for the year (55 plate) and without even seeing the car they gave me an estimated cost of repair of £5,000  - so my 5k car was now going to be a 10k car before even looking at the other problems.

This is when I started looking for an independent Mercedes specialist as i had heard that I could achieve the same results as with a main dealer but at significantly lower costs. Unfortunately I did not find Keys of Bexleyheath straight off  but I did find another Mercedes specialist in Kent who repaired my gearbox for £3,000. However, the same specialist failed to diagnose my other problems but kept charging me for investigative diagnosis. Around a month later I found Keys of Bexleyheath who told me they could have fixed my gearbox for around £1500.

Keys of Bexleyheath did not charge me to investigate my other problems and within a day had identified and rectified all of them and at a price that was more than reasonable. Since then I have taken my car to keys for servicing and would not consider using any other garage whether a main dealer or another independent Mercedes specialist - Thank you Keys of Bexleyheath!

Ria: B-Class Diesel

As a young young mother with two children at school and a job to squeeze in between school runs, keeping my car on the road is an absolute must and everyone knows a Mercedes is not exactly the cheapest car to run and maintain, not at main dealer prices anyway. Feeling trapped by main dealer prices I could hardly afford I reluctantly decided to sell the car in order to find something a little more affordable to maintain, even though I knew it would mean sacrificing all the luxury and reliability the Mercedes-Benz cars are renowned for. That was before a friend recommended I try Keys of Bexleyheath  where he said I would save money and receive the same quality of service I would get from my main dealer and since then I have never thought about selling my pride and joy.

Independent Mercedes Specialists in Kent, Independent Mercedes Specialists in Bexleyheath, Independent Mercedes Specialists in Dartford